HI! I'm Becca Drace

I graduated from Union University in Jackson, TN, on May 22, 2004 and married Josh Drace one week later.  With all the jokes and kidding we have received Josh and I are not first cousins.  In fact, we are not related except through the bonds of marriage.  My  brother, Drew, introduced us because when they met they thought it was so cool that each had the same last names without being kin.  Currently, we live in Dunwoody, GA, where Josh is employed as a Senior Analyst for CNN.  He has completed his Masters in International Business at the Robison School of Business at Georgia State.  I am a manager in a major department store in Atlanta, and am involved weekly in Bible Study Fellowship.  Josh and I are members of Dunwoody Baptist Church.  I have traveled the world with my Dad and listened to him preach the Good News to thousands of people in many places.  What a joy and privilege it is to have been raised in a Christian home.  My mother is the most wonderful mother in the world.  Her words of wisdom and encouragement have been a real source of inspiration and strength for me.  I hope that my marriage will be as strong and joyful as has been my Dad's and Mom's.


                                 Newly Engaged '03
June 2009
June 2009

Always smiling :)
Always smiling!

Me and my hubby!
Me and my husband, Josh

  Me and Josh, my hubby!

I'm a manager for a large department store!
I am a manager at a large department store!

 Making dinner for Josh and myself!
Making dinner for Josh and myself.