Hey welcome to my webpage!

What a wonderful journey I've had over the years!  I have been blessed that I have been many places and met many wonderful people.  Here are just a few photos spanning the last decade of my life.

I hold a degree from Union University in Jackson, TN

of a Bachelor's of Science in Business Admin, with emphasis in Strategic Marketing,

Advertising, and Communications. 


June 2000                                            May 1998

Graduation: May 24, 2003

Senior Fraternity composite: April 2003

Easter rehersal 2009

Easter rehersal 2009

Downtown Memphis  Peabody Hotel, Memphis TN

Downtown Memphis, TN                      Peabody Hotel, Memphis    

I am employed in pharmaceutical sales by NovaQuest in the Neuroscience Division.  In addition to my full time vocation I enjoy maintaining my skills  as a 3rd Degree Black Belt in ATA and singing in the Praise Team at my church.  I have traveled throughout the world with my Dad as he has preached the Gospel to  thousands of people.  I currently live in Memphis, Tennessee.   

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Scotland Trip `98